Beauty and the Beast (spoilers).

Access: Speaking of boys, will we get to see more romantic interactions between Catherine and Vincent coming up?
Kristin: There’s gonna be some beautifully romantic moments, there’s going to be attempts at romantic moments that are foiled by drama. The two of them are very honest with each other very quickly about how they feel, but they’re both so uncomfortable with all of it – especially him. We’re gonna shoot one romantic scene this episode that’s gorgeous. This episode that were shooting right now is kind of like a fairytale, so there’s just these really lovely moments interspersed with drama that keeps them apart.
Access: A fairytale – does that mean great dresses?
Kristin: Yeah, it’s the wedding. We’re shooting the wedding this episode.
Access: Can Vincent be Catherine’s wedding date – through the window maybe?
Kristin: (Laughs)… I don’t know how much I can say. They make jokes about him taking her to the wedding. Obviously he can’t technically take her to the wedding because then he’d be out in public. It’s very romantic… This is the episode that will air right before Christmas and winter holiday.
Åååh, så spännande det ska bli att se! I can't wait! ♥




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